Grocery shopping wasn’t always quick and easy

I always enjoy reading stories of how someone came up with a unique idea to challenge the status-quo and effected some type of change. I recently read such a story that I thought would be worth sharing as we all have benefited from the outcome.

Grocery Shopping in the Early 1900s

In 1895, 14 year-old Clarence Saunders was offered a full time clerk position at a general store [1]. Saunders came from an impoverished family and since this offer provided room and board along with a steady paycheck, he quit school and accepted the position [2]. …

It doesn’t take much ::after all

When deciding how to implement a tooltip, you have two paths from which to choose: using a library that provides a pre-built tooltip component or creating one yourself.

There is no shortage of libraries that provide tooltip components and popular choices like Material UI and Vuetify make implementation both quick and easy. However they come at a cost as your project must import them which will take time and space. And you may have to overwrite or re-write some part of the CSS to get the exact style you desire.

The other path is…

Taking Notes is Important for Development¹

First Year Review

Tips to become more successful

Completing my first year as a software engineer arrived sooner than I had imagined. To evaluate my overall progression, I began reviewing my collection of notes to reflect on various situations, analyzing both successes and failures. I realized some of what made my first year successful could also be useful to other programmers starting their career. This is by no means an exhaustive list and some may be already doing everything I mention. I have personally benefited from reading blogs and helpful articles from other writers and this serves as my way to start giving back to the community.

Take Notes


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